Charity Auctions

Bringing your charity auctions to life and creating the very best opportunities for high value fundraising.

Elevating fundraising with flair!

Bring a dynamic touch to your fundraising events, transforming ordinary auctions into captivating experiences that drive impact and maximise fundraising efforts. With my expert auctioneering skills and charismatic hosting, I will ignite the spark that leads to higher bids, increased donor engagement, and unforgettable moments, ultimately creating an enjoyable and successful auction experience for all involved.

The role of a Charity Auctioneer

The role of a Charity Auctioneer MC is to lead an event with charisma, expertise and a deep commitment to the charity’s cause. Energise the crowd, encourage bidding, and create an enjoyable experience which contributes significantly to the event’s success in raising funds for the chosen charitable cause.

“Jeremy conducted a highly successfully after-dinner auction; the bidding resulted in producing a much higher level of donations than was expected. I would definitely book Jeremy again for this kind of event.”

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Auction Services I Offer

Ready to turn your fundraising event into an unforgettable success? I’m not just an auctioneer, I’m a catalyst for positive change. Contact me today to discuss how we can create a dynamic and impactful experience that raises funds, builds community, and leaves a lasting impression. Together, let’s make your cause shine.

A gavel on a desk with glasses and a small figurine in the background

Live Auctions

From luxury items to unique experiences, I will make every item shine on stage, enticing bidders to vie for the win.

A young boy of African descent is at a medical consultation. He is dressed in casual clothes while wearing a headscarf to hide his hair loss. He hugs his stuffed animal while listening to his doctor of African descent comfort him.


My heartfelt appeals create emotional connections, inspiring direct donations that truly make a difference.

Why Choose Me?

Elevating the Energy

As a seasoned auctioneer, I know how to command attention, keeping your audience engaged and excited throughout the event, creating an energetic atmosphere that encourages participation and bidding and generating excitement for the items being auctioned. The result? Bidders who are enthusiastic and eager to make a difference.

Crafting Compelling Stories

I’m not just an auctioneer; I’m a storyteller and will artfully engage and entertain the audience by effectively communicating the mission of your charity, and narrating the journey of each item, connecting donors to the cause and inspiring them to give generously.

Community Building

I ensure that all attendees feel welcomed and included, fostering an atmosphere of generosity and support for the charitable cause, I create an inclusive atmosphere that brings people together for a common purpose. My interactive approach ensures that every attendee feels valued and connected to the cause.

Maximising Fundraising

My strategies go beyond calling out numbers, I guide attendees by presenting each auction item, providing a captivating description, features, value, and significance, creating a sense of desire and urgency to encourage higher bids. Using proven techniques, I encourage friendly competition and through facilitation of the bidding process, encourage competitive bidding to elevate bidding wars, resulting in higher bids and increased funds for your cause.

Auction Management

I keep track of bids, announcing the highest bidder for each item along with the winners. I facilitate the payment processes, acknowledging donors and bidders, expressing gratitude and emphasising the impact of their contributions. 


I’m committed to driving measurable results. My track record speaks for itself, with successful events that have raised substantial funds for diverse charitable organisations.