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Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming, Adoption, & Welcoming

Baby Naming, Adoption and Step Child Welcoming Ceremonies are a beautiful and memorable alternative to a more formal and religious christening and can be held almost anywhere, inside or outside and at any time of day.

They are the perfect way to celebrate and welcome a baby or child of any age into a family. You can still nominate God parents or Guide parents and include religious or cultural aspects. You may wish to incorporate family traditions or create new ones that can be handed down through future generations.

From the selection of meaningful poems, readings and rituals to the composition of personalised vows and blessings, I will assist you in creating a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony that honours your child and is truly memorable and significant.

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Identity and Gender Affirmation Ceremonies are a great opportunity to hold a joyous celebration to formally announce a new name, unique identity, hopes and dreams for the future; and to move forward with their lives.

Gender Affirmation & Identity Ceremonies